Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pre-season Training in Naples, Fl

So Ironman Wisconsin training officially begins March 30th! At this point I have been pointing in some awesome base training with my swimming and running. I just returned from a great vacation/training week in Naples, Florida. The best part of this trip was definitly getting to swim with the Masters team at the Norris Aquatic Center. They have practices 3 times per day with the most awesome time being 12-2pm. There is nothing better than getting your workout in while tanning. On our first visit there (yes, I dragged Luke with me) the pool was set up to 25 yards, not bad, but I was hoping to swim 50-meters. We swam about 5ooo yards each day with our final practice setup long course! It is amazing what a faster swimmer I am in long course.
The best part about this team is that they welcome visitors and let you swim with no charge.

I also stuck with my running. It was much less a battle to get out and run with the temps in the 70's. I got in 3 good days with my longest run going a little over an hour. Now that I have returned to the snow, sleet, and rain that is spring in Vermont; I must keep the motivation going. Before leaving I got a cyclocross bike so that I can get out earlier on the roads. Iwill hopefully get out soon with the snow clearing up by the end of this week. More training updates coming soon! Looks like today will be an hour on the treadmill.

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