Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello Blogging World!

I have seem to have fallen off the blogging planet world. Life has been a whirlwind since the end of the summer. As a quick wrap up I finished IM Louisville, did not accomplish any time goals but was completely satisfied with just finishing under the conditions. For those of you not aware the temp was close to 100 all day. Luke and I got married in September and at the same time I started a new job. The wedding was amazing and the new job was a welcome surprise. I am now working as a Rehab Assistant for a chiropractor and will be running his Lifestyle Education program! It is great because I really get to work one-on-one with patients and help them make positive, healthy changes. The downside is the decrease in pay and the long commute.
Now on to the future and what I will be working on for this year.

1. I want to consistently update my blog as this really helps me keep on track with goal setting and motivation.

2. It's all about IM Lake Placid. This year Lake Placid falls on my 30th birthday and I am ready to finally push myself at this distance. I no longer just want to finish and really want to work on giving it all I got. How to do this, focused run training and weight loss.

3. Improve body composition. I know what my ideal racing weight is and I know what it will take to get there. I would like to be at this by mid-march. Considering I am running a weight loss-like program at work and have access to body comp testing I have no excuses.

4. Run fast! I will be run focused until mid-march where then I will start the cycling. Problem: I need to avoid the pool. We have a great swimming community here but I know that when I am in there swimming I really should be on the road running.

So it sounds pretty simple, get faster at runner! My schedule will be light this year again so I can really focus on training.

Hyannis Half-marathon: February 27th

Spring Fling 10k: March 26th

Race Vermont 1/2 marathon: May 14th

June 25th: Tupper Lake Tinman 1/2 Ironman

July 17th: Vermont Sun Spring (using as a quick speed tune-up before Lake Placid)

July 24th: Ironman Lake Placid

August 28th: Branbury Classic Try (Olympic)

September 25th: Vermont 50 (see how well IM recovery goes!)

The big races are official and I may move some of the Sprint distances and road races around to try to accommodate qualifying of age group nationals which are being held in Burlington this summer. I haven't had time yet to figure out the race qualifiers. As for now this week's focus is 4 days of running with 2 days of strength/core training.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where's Jess?

So my blogging as been majorly non-existent this summer. I promise I am still training but life is just too busy with work, wedding planning, training and having fun! So IM Louisville is exactly 2 weeks from today. I know it's going to be super hot and it terrifies when I really think about how hot it will be but I am still staying calm b/c I actually haven't breathed in that humid, sticky air. My plan is to go slow; slower than slow; keep my HR down and stay WET! If the conditions are what I think they will be or possibly worse my goal will be to be happy with just finishing! If it turns out to be a decent day I just want to go at least 1 minute faster than IM Wisconsin.

On another note, I purchased the ISM Adamo racing saddle...AMAZING! 1st day on the saddle, rode 70 miles in tri shorts and loved it, felt great in aero position. Hopefully more posts will come later as taper is starting to kick in. Below is just another beautiful VT swimming day!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ironman Lake Placid 2011!!!!

I have been MIA from the blogging world but still ticking away at Ironman training. IM Louisville is in just a little over 4 weeks away! I am starting to get more excited as I am getting stronger in my long workouts. I am not as prepared as I was last year for IM Wisconsin but I know I am getting in the key workouts and how important mental perseverance is in this race. So in the past few weeks I have raced a really slow sprint tri, had a great non-wetsuit 3-mile open water swim and signed up for IM Lake Placid. What a challenge that was to get into the race. It involved waking up at 3:30am to drive over to wait in line until 1:30pm when we finally made it to registration. I was more exhausted after that than after any long workout. So another year of IM training. I am so excited and this time Luke will be joining me again in the journey!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

6 Miles.......SWIMMING!

I did it. I completed my 6-mile swim in Lake Memphremagog which is in Newport, VT; right on the border of Canada. This is where I swam the 3-mile lake swim last year. It is an amazing event that keeps growing and growing. Find out more info at

I was so lucky that Phil White, race organizer, is awesome and allowed me and another guy to come up and swim in the afternoon. All of the other swimmers started in the AM and I was unable to make it b/c of work. So Steve (my new swimming buddy) and I started out for our 6-mile swim under very dark clouds. Somehow we encountered no rain or storms throughout the whole swim although it was pouring in all the towns surrounding us.

I decided to swim w/o my wetsuit attempting to be a "real" open water swimmer. Steve chose to use his wetsuit and it worked out perfectly putting us at a really even pace throughout the whole swim. Phil was in little motorboat to feed us and help us if we were in any trouble. He really kept his distance so we didn't have gas or wake in our way. The great thing about this swim is that it is really open water. The buoys are super far apart so there are times where you are just swimming hoping to be going in the right direction.

We fed every 30-minutes which seemed to work out perfectly. I originally was thinking every 45-min; which is probably when I actually need to fuel; but 30-minutes helped with not losing your mind and getting to see another human being! The h20 was a little choppy and the temp was fine (70 degrees at shore). I was never warm, but I was never cold to the put where I felt like I had to get out of the h20. My body was awesome until about mile 5 when my left shoulder was starting to shoot pain down my arm and I really didn't want to pull it through h20 anymore. I did a few backstrokes to help switch it up but what I really need to do is STOP SLEEPING ON THIS ARM. I have noticed in the last 1-2 years or so that my shoulder is just aching in the AM. I have slept on this arm for 28 years and it is so hard to try to change it. But I am working on it slowly. I really, really want to do the 10-miler but am seriously using my wetsuit b/c I know I will not be able to put in a lot of these swims on my own. I do have an Ironman to train for! I also know that this could quite possible hurt ALOT! I have a full month to train and decide on my plan.

In tri-life I am just plugging away getting my training in. I am starting to feel better on the bike as my excess weight is coming off. The run is still the same: Slow. But that is my fault for hibernating all winter. Flights and hotel are booked and I am really starting to get pumped b/c IM will be here sooner than you know it. Hope everyone is well out there in training land.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Welcome to Summer

So summer arrived this week! It has been amazing weather which means great swimming, biking and running. And summer means Ironman Louisville is going to be here really, really soon! I can't even believe it....I have found a good flow in training so I am feeling more and more confident. Just going to keep getting in those long training days. Still on course for the 10-miler swim in July. Possibly doing my 6-mile qualifier this Saturday! More news later, time to train.

Friday, June 11, 2010



I'm around! Busy, busy, busy with work and training. Had a win at the Stowe Triatholon. It was a crazy, rain, cold day, but I was finally able to pull together a decent race at this event (I usually suck bad at this race). Updates hopefully coming soon!