Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Money in the Bank

Another weekend of putting some "money in the bank". I upped my long ride from last weekend to a 5-hour ride this week. It was a challenging course traveling north up the mountains, then east over the mountain range and then finally south (not climbing a mountain). It's impossible to find a flat ride anywhere in VT. The ride was gorgeous with hardly any cars, lots of sunshine and lots of wind (I am beginning to just accept that all my long rides will be windy). My legs felt strong and I set a nice, steady pace. Again, I was riding alone and feeling very confident. My only error was not bringing enough food with me and I finished the last 90-minutes with only gatorade. So the hill heading home was again a killer (but still a little better from last week). I made it home and skipped the t-run, I am not really sure how people are doing T-runs after those long bike rides. The long ride this week is only 3-hours so I must make sure to get in a good T-run.
Our Wed. time trial was cancelled due to rain. This week has been pretty much a wash out. Missed my run on Thursday but have nothing scheduled for Friday so I need to kick myself in the but to get out there after work.
It's funny how it is so much easier to do the workouts day after day, but once you miss a day it becomes so challenging. Enough for now as training is not too exciting this week. Just a little over one week till the first race of the season!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ready for Recovery

After finishing another awesome weekend of training I am looking forward to this "recovery" week coming up.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Randolph Road TT-New PR

I set a new PR on the Randolph Road Time Trail (12.5 miles). I dropped 30seconds off my previous faster time to hit a 34.50 and it felt like I wasn't even pushing as hard as usual (www.stowenordic.org).

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tough Weekend

I am feeling very accomplished after one of the 1st challenging weeks of training. I hit all the key workouts during the week including another Wednesday TT. This weekend was a 4-hour ride which I did by myself (always so much harder) on a very hilly course followed by a 20-min T run. I only ran about 15 minutes but my legs felt good. On Sunday I ran a long run of 90-minutes and felt great. The first solo long ride is always a good wake up call that you have to put the time in on the bike alone. Drafting isn't happening in the IM so I better start training that way.

This week is very similar to last week with a slightly longer bike and run (only by a few minutes). I also will have a challenging TT and track workout this week. I was planning on running a 1/2 marathon this weekend but decided to opt out so I can really get in my long workouts.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Road to the Pogue

Week # 6 of IM training concluded with a 10k trail race. The Road to the Pogue is a beautiful trail race that takes place in Woodstock, VT (www.roadtothepogue.com). It is fairly hilly and takes you past a beautiful pond in the middle of the woods. You peak at the top of Mt. Tom and then head home with the last mile and 1/2 having a nice decline. My goal was to get under 60 minutes and I did. I ran 56 minutes and 41 seconds. I wish I would have went out a little slower and pushed harder on the hills. I was happy that through most of the run I had a positive attitude and told myself to keep pushing. Luke had an awesome race placing 2nd with a time of 35 minutes! SuperFast.
This past week was a great recovery week and leaves me with 18 more weeks till IM. This is where my training book says it is time to get serious! Although I have been very focused and diligent with my training I know that tough stuff is yet to come. I am ready for the pain and also ready to race. My first tri is not until June and that is with a pool swim :(. I am starting to get very anxious but know that is great to keep adding to my base. Today I had a full day off and am feeling slightly moapy and out of it. I swear it is b/c my body didn't get its proper exercise today. But I also know I will be more motivated to get out of bed at 5Am for swim practice. Here's to another week of hard training!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time Trials

It is time trial season! The first official time trial of Stowe Biking Club (http://www.stowenordic.org/) was yesterday in Middlesex, VT. It was an 8-mile out and back course, fairly flat with lots of rollers. I love this course and usually do a great time here. I felt strong on my time trail bike even though it was my first time on her all year. Unsure of my time as they are very slow to post results. From what I could see of the results I was listed at 27 or 26 something and started at 3:30. My best time is in the low 22's so I know I was fairly close. It was a good experience getting back on the TT bike b/c there was no way I could ride 100+ miles on that right now. My goal is to get on her at least 1x per week on top of TT days. This is week 6 of IM training and is a fairly easy one. I got in a great 50+ ride in Lake Willowbougy, one of my faviorte places to ride (see above). The legs were tired today on my run but I am feeling very fit and strong. This weekend will be a 10k race (Road to the Pogue). I am hoping to get in the low-mid 50's for my time. That's all for now.