Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Running Weekend

This past weekend had to be one of the most beautiful fall days I have ever seen living in Vermont. Not a cloud in the sky with temps in the 60's. I was lucky to have the weekend off and spent it biking and running in a local trail race. Mt. Mansfield school ( was hosting a 5 mile trail run on the cross country ski trails. I was expecting hills but also expecting the trail to be fairly groomed and smooth. I was wrong! Big time. The first 3 miles were straight up! The trails were muddy for the most part. The tricky part being that with all the leaves on the ground you had no idea when it was muddy. Several times I sunk straight down into the mushy ground. Still the worst part was the downhill. Rocks were everywhere; again hard to see with all the leaves. I crashed going down hearing my ankle pop. Owwwwww!!! It really hurt, but I pulled it together and was able to keep running. This was very traumatizing because I have been babying my feet due to the plantar fasciatis and my weak ankles. Hopefully this will toughen my feet up.

So it has been almost a full week of running. I can feel my body becoming used to it again. I am feeling pretty motivated to keep it up until the roads are covered in snow. Knowing that I have less than one year until Wisconsin has also made getting out there a lot easier. My next upcoming event will be a 1/2 marathon (13.1miles) in Shelburne, Vt. I have done this race before and it is a beautiful course. Until then!

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