Monday, July 27, 2009

A Long Week

Wow, I have not posted in a long time. That is what one week off from work will get you when you live in the middle of no where w/o Internet. I now have the iphone so I am one step closer to being back in touch with technology.
A lot has happened in my training and racing world. And I am happy to say it has all been very POSITIVE! Luke and I decided to take this past week off to train (happened), take care of some housework (somewhat happened) and to relax (not really). It was a really great way to refocus mid-season and get in those long rides and runs.
The week started off with both of us participating in the Stowe 8-miler ( . This is a great run through Stowe that I often do on my training runs. My goal was to hold 10-min mile pace. I finished the race in 1 hour and 12 minutes. Way under my goal! I felt solid running until around 6-6.5 miles where I got a little sluggish, pulled it together and finished strong.
Luke and I then got in the car and headed to St. Lawrence County, NY to meet up with our bike group to enjoy some country riding. I thought we rode in the middle of nowhere in VT, this part of NY was empty. Lots of really good paved rodes with good company. I also got some good swims in lake.
Back to VT, did a long ride to Woodstock, Vt, a long run and lots of other workouts in between.
This past Saturday I raced in a 3-mile open water swim ( I won the race overall (yep, beat all the men). I felt controlled and comfortable throughout the whole swim. We had excellent conditions and I had a awesome kayak guide who knew the course. It got me thinking about focusing on open water racing more.

To the present: this week is fairly easy, i fell during one of my t-runs and strained my ankle. Nothing serious but enough to slow me up.

Nutrition-wise: I cannot stop eating ice cream!

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