Monday, July 13, 2009

Vermont Sun Sprint: Personal Best

It was a great weekend for me doing a SPRINT tri. I forgot how great sprints are and that I can actually do fairly well at them. My goal going into this race was to finish in the top five. A few of the really good women were not at this race so I knew I had an even better chance.

The swim went well. It was pretty rough getting around the men backstroking. This race always starts the women behind all the men. I just went all out and finished 1st female out of the water. I just found out that I hold the female swim course record and I pretty sure I bettered the time. (7min 17sec)

On to the bike. Normally I am used to being on the bike all alone until the fast women catch me. Since the heats are not too far apart (only 3 minutes), I got out of the water with a lot of decent men riders. I am very particular about not drafting and racing a fair race but the men were all over the rode so I am sure I was not completely out of the draft zone. It was motivating trying to keep up with that group though. I'm sure this was my best bike time ever but have not had time to look back at last years results. (39.22) Never mind, just looked. This is where I definitely made up my time, last year I biked 41 minutes. That makes me really love my Felt now. I also had a very slow transition here because I knocked over the mountain bike next to me. Sorry to whomever that bike belonged too.

And then off to the run, I felt good. Heart was pounding but was able to get the air in. I knew this course and that it was a quick out and back. The way back had a good decline so I knew I couldn't give up. I had to stay mentally strong the whole way. One girl passed me right after the 1/2 way mark. I kept her in my sights, stayed positive and kept pushing. Finished with a 25.10, slow closed to getting a 24. Next time.

Overall finish, 2nd female overall, 1st in age group and a new Personal Best time of 1 hr. 13 min. and 58sec. I am glad I got under 1:14.

Now I am off for a very intense 2 weeks of training!!!

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