Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Selfish Blog

This blog is for me...and probably totally boring for anyone who may come across it. But I need help! I need motivation! And writing my goals down is my number one way to stay motivated. I have been sick; coughing, sweating, sneezing, just feel downright yucky. So yucky that I have not been active in close to 2 full weeks!!!! Scary...and it is so hard to go from Ironman shape to this...pathetic, laying on the couch, eating ice cream. I know that rest is so important and that I will not turn into a couch potato overnight but I need to run, I need to move other than walking the dog. I am feeling better and am going to go out tomorrow. No tiredness...i may even force myself to get up and do it in the morning. I can do this!!!! I know that my problem is not having a set goal.
So I am declaring that I am in marathon training for Ocean Drive Marathon in Cape May, NJ in March 2010. I will race a 1/2 on November 7th and will get back on my strength training program. I think buying one of those cool running journals will help, recording it on-line just doesn't work for me.
Awww..I think I feel more focused now. Thanks for the ramble :)

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