Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trail racing and Wedding Dresses

This past weekend I got to visit with my parents and sister in Reading, Pa. The main purpose of the visit was to purchase a wedding dress but of course I had to throw in some sort of race. Luckily the local running club was hosting a trail race! http://www.pretzelcitysports.com/trailracesresults.html

To back up the past few days I have been completely physically inactive. Luke had a major cold/flu/illness starting on Christmas Eve and although I was trying my best to fight it off it caught up with me. And it stuck around.....resulting in many days of doing nothing. But I was signed up for this race and thankfully my grossness cleared up enough where I felt good enough to get the run in!

Now these trail races have a reputation for being really hard! Just read the race applications on their website. http://www.pretzelcitysports.com/ And the reputation lived up! I really wouldn't even describe these as trails in some parts. They were so eroded and filled with rocks that I wouldn't even want to hike on them for fun. So they made the running very slow and technical. There were also crazy climbs where everyone just marched in a line up the hill. Not one person complained that people walked, everyone just seemed to be in it together. So although this may not sound like a great race review to some, it was way more fun than any road race. The miles flew by, although they were significantly slower then on the road. My 8-mile race time is around one-hour and ten minutes and this race was just a little over 7 miles and took a full hour and forty-four minute. Holy slowness! But it was great and I am now feeling healthy to get back to training.

Oh yeah, I also bought my wedding dress!


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