Monday, March 1, 2010

I am BACK!

Wow, February was a bad month. Glad that it is over and I am focused and motivated to move on. It's March! That means IM Louisville in 6 months. Time to get serious. I won't dwindle on the past but February consisted of hiring, firing, rehiring, my car completely dying, buying a new car, looking for a new career, almost finding it and then being disappointed that I couldn't work for peanuts, being sick over 1/2 of the month and just not feeling my mojo. After 28 awful days I have accepted where I am right now in my life and am embracing the fact that my number one focus right now is just training and achieving my goals, as well as wedding planning. Although I might not be completely happy in other areas I am very lucky for the life I have and the surroundings I live in. So now my life is about training again and although that may sound meaningless to some people it is what truly makes me happy and I know that I will not always be able to be so focused on sport in the future. So March 1st marked my day back to Masters practice and back on the road, running that is as it is not quite warm enough for me to get out on the bike. It never felt so good to smell the sweat of chlorine as I ran today. Florida training vacation coming up.

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Kristin said...

Couldn't agree more about February! Welcome back.. and Louisville, exciting!