Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Coming back slowly

I have slightly recovered from my last post. The anxiety is over, confidence is coming back. Sunshine will do that for you. I went to the doctors and got an inhaler to use for when my breathing gets out of control. This past week has still been busy with lifestuff other than triathlon but I made a great effort to consistently train and get moving even if it was only for a little bit. I am slowly getting over the issue of feeling like if I don't do a huge workout my time has been wasted. My proudest moment was after spending 10 hours in a classroom this weekend I went out for a run and bike ride after each day! That is awesome for me.

My personal training workshop that I attended this past weekend with Afaa was awesome. It helped my relearn some of the things I have forgotten and motivate me to continue to branch out more in the fitness industry. I am already looking at some work exchange where you get to travel free in exchange for teaching classes.

So this weekend will be my 1st race of the year! Of course the race is rated as being totally hard so my goal is to just use it as a good training day and set a strong, steady pace. I am starting to feel excited for this season and for my big Ironman training weeks.

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Kristin said...

Don't let the stress get to you. I recently had to evaluate what all of this means to me in the midst of so much else in life. Just remember it's a hobby and it should be fun!