Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Long Ride

Yesterday was my last long ride until IM. It was a little under four hours and around 65miles. The best part of the ride is that I got to catch up with some women riders from my bike group that I have hardly ridden with all summer. It was so nice to be out with other riders. I rode my TT bike and did spend some quality time in aero position. I now love my bike. I got a new cassette put on so I have a lot more easier gears to spin with and my seat is breaking in. Or maybe I am just trying to be super positive! It was nice getting to ride with others that were on a road bike and being able to see the difference. I definitely do not want to be stuck on my road bike for 112 miles. I was so hungry that I cut out my t-run. Pancakes do not provide the same nutrition as oatmeal (lesson learned). I also bought new bike shoes a size bigger so that I do not have to deal with any swelling or discomfort on race day. I am feeling totally prepared and ready to race. I have a feeling that taper is going to drag on and on. The good news is that this week is going to be perfect weather and I will get to get outside everyday for training!

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