Friday, November 13, 2009

Marathon Training Started Without Me!

Oh no! I somehow missed my start date for my marathon training plan! Surprise, surprise....this still shows that I am not 100% focused. I am not too worried as this plan is 20-weeks and I usually just do a 16-week plan. I won't fight the structure though. Seeing my workouts really helps me motivated. I should probably go on-line and register as well, but............I am not sure that I am all the way there yet.
So today's workout will be 6-miles. I better get my butt home, get geared up and dig out my headlamp.
I did officially sign up for the 10-mile Kingdom Swim ( on July 24th (my 29th birthday). I am determined to do the full 10 without a wetsuit as opposed to doing the 3 with a wetsuit like I did last year. It will be interesting to see how I hold up without the wetsuit. It still amazes me how much faster I am with it.
But now I am a RUNNER! Must stay in that runner mindset and not get distracted dreaming of open H20 and long bike rides.

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Heidi Austin said...

10 mile swim eh? that sounds kinda rough! I think wedding planning should come before racing so no worries on being a few weeks behind. I'm sure you can play catch up fast!