Tuesday, November 17, 2009

99% Practice, 1% Theory

For those of you not familiar with yoga, the title of this post is from Ashtanga Yoga. I love this saying and I think it applies to everything in life; especially for us triathletes during the off season. I sometimes find myself focusing so much on the planning, analyzing numbers and data, obsessing over equipment and gear that I lose sight that this is just a small part of the picture (the 1%). The 99% is where the good stuff happens. Getting in the pool, hitting the road, skiing all winter ....those are the things that are going to make a huge difference in my races. So all though I am still in the off season I am going to try to focus more on doing then thinking. Of course, a structured training plan is important for peaking at my races but right now I just want to get out for a run, drop in on a yoga or spin class and not think so much about it.


Heidi Austin said...

i totally agree! and yoga is so good for you. I believe it's all about the balance both mentally and physically. where do you ski in vt? i used to live in ct and spent all winter at killington. Although east coast riding/skiing sux ~vermont is definitely one of the better options!

Jessica said...

Hey Heidi, I ski in Stowe or Jay Peak where the snow is actually really good 90% of the time. I am more into crosscounty skiing and exploring the backwoods!

Heidi Austin said...

nice!! i used to be a rat-park-silly boarder but I'm so switching to only powder this year. I broke my pelvis in march ~so no more jumps/tables for me. If we ever get snow that is!!!