Monday, December 7, 2009

Snowy Run

Depending on the day I am either complaining about the cold winters and planning to relocate or I am in such awe of the beauty especially when you get out on a nice snowy run. The best thing about running in the winter is that you usuallly warm up and feel fine. I have done many spring bike rides where I have never warmed up! Yesterday was one of those amazing days. It started off with a fun trip to a farm in Hardwick, Vt to look at some Lab puppies for Luke. They were so cute! We have to wait for the next liter but it was good to check the place out and start some planning if we decide to go through with this. Then we had a relaxing lunch, grocery shopping and then hit the snowy roads for an easy five-miler. I have been really good about staying conisistant with my running the last 2-weeks as my marathon training starts this Tuesday!I know in one of my last posts I mentioned that I missed the start day of my training plan.
That was for a 20-week plan. After a crazy work schedule, flying to Cali for a wedding and just being plain unmotivated I decided to wait and reorganize with a 16-week plan. The good news is I am feeling pretty motivated and have accepted that I may be spending some time with the treadmill this winter. Fine with me, as I stepped on the scale and the number was way off what I wanted to maintain for the off season. That is motivation enough!

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