Monday, April 20, 2009

Recovery Week

Although this past week was only week #3 of IM training it was dedicated as "recovery". Why is that? Because I got to spend this weekend in Woodstock, NY relaxing at the Emerson Resort and Spa ( and hiking with Freddie. Why did I do that? Because Luke was busy working hard at Mark Wilson's triathlon camp . This was a Christmas present that I had purchased for Luke and it was very hard not doing it myself but I passed it up because of $$$$ and I wanted to enjoy the weekend at the spa. I got an awesome treatment that massaged the whole body with these herbal bags. Envision a giant tea bag mixed with hot oil. I also got to enjoy the hot tub, steam rooms and sauna. I did get a little activity in with some Freddie walks, but nothing to consider training. During the week I did get two long bike rides in. With one tire explosion. But only 1 run day. So this week's goal is to get in all of my planned training sessions. If I should skip anything it should be swimming. The good news is I am relaxed, rested and ready to train! (the picture above was a nice gift left to use from the GM at Emerson Place, we got VIP attention b/c I was on an exchange from Trapp's)

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