Sunday, May 10, 2009

Road to the Pogue

Week # 6 of IM training concluded with a 10k trail race. The Road to the Pogue is a beautiful trail race that takes place in Woodstock, VT ( It is fairly hilly and takes you past a beautiful pond in the middle of the woods. You peak at the top of Mt. Tom and then head home with the last mile and 1/2 having a nice decline. My goal was to get under 60 minutes and I did. I ran 56 minutes and 41 seconds. I wish I would have went out a little slower and pushed harder on the hills. I was happy that through most of the run I had a positive attitude and told myself to keep pushing. Luke had an awesome race placing 2nd with a time of 35 minutes! SuperFast.
This past week was a great recovery week and leaves me with 18 more weeks till IM. This is where my training book says it is time to get serious! Although I have been very focused and diligent with my training I know that tough stuff is yet to come. I am ready for the pain and also ready to race. My first tri is not until June and that is with a pool swim :(. I am starting to get very anxious but know that is great to keep adding to my base. Today I had a full day off and am feeling slightly moapy and out of it. I swear it is b/c my body didn't get its proper exercise today. But I also know I will be more motivated to get out of bed at 5Am for swim practice. Here's to another week of hard training!

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