Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time Trials

It is time trial season! The first official time trial of Stowe Biking Club ( was yesterday in Middlesex, VT. It was an 8-mile out and back course, fairly flat with lots of rollers. I love this course and usually do a great time here. I felt strong on my time trail bike even though it was my first time on her all year. Unsure of my time as they are very slow to post results. From what I could see of the results I was listed at 27 or 26 something and started at 3:30. My best time is in the low 22's so I know I was fairly close. It was a good experience getting back on the TT bike b/c there was no way I could ride 100+ miles on that right now. My goal is to get on her at least 1x per week on top of TT days. This is week 6 of IM training and is a fairly easy one. I got in a great 50+ ride in Lake Willowbougy, one of my faviorte places to ride (see above). The legs were tired today on my run but I am feeling very fit and strong. This weekend will be a 10k race (Road to the Pogue). I am hoping to get in the low-mid 50's for my time. That's all for now.

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