Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Money in the Bank

Another weekend of putting some "money in the bank". I upped my long ride from last weekend to a 5-hour ride this week. It was a challenging course traveling north up the mountains, then east over the mountain range and then finally south (not climbing a mountain). It's impossible to find a flat ride anywhere in VT. The ride was gorgeous with hardly any cars, lots of sunshine and lots of wind (I am beginning to just accept that all my long rides will be windy). My legs felt strong and I set a nice, steady pace. Again, I was riding alone and feeling very confident. My only error was not bringing enough food with me and I finished the last 90-minutes with only gatorade. So the hill heading home was again a killer (but still a little better from last week). I made it home and skipped the t-run, I am not really sure how people are doing T-runs after those long bike rides. The long ride this week is only 3-hours so I must make sure to get in a good T-run.
Our Wed. time trial was cancelled due to rain. This week has been pretty much a wash out. Missed my run on Thursday but have nothing scheduled for Friday so I need to kick myself in the but to get out there after work.
It's funny how it is so much easier to do the workouts day after day, but once you miss a day it becomes so challenging. Enough for now as training is not too exciting this week. Just a little over one week till the first race of the season!

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