Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Boston, NY, Vermont =EXHAUSTED

The past few days have been very busy and I AM TIRED! I went from the training clinic in Boston, home to Vt, did my long run, woke up at 5 for Masters, drove to Tupper Lake, NY, rode the 1/2 course, did a t-run, drove home and woke up bright and early from work and am pulling a 12-hour shift. Oh and I snuck out for a short run. I intended it to be for 60-minutes but could only pull off 30 because I am tired. The good news is that I really think I like the bike course at Tupper Lake. It starts off with a lot of steep climbs but then gets pretty rolly with a lot of great downhills. The key to success will be holding back on the downhills trying to avoid pushing a big gear and to spin up and over the hills. This is all I can manage as this week is going to a tough training week but Monday will be a nice short 4-day taper for TUPPER!

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