Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back in the Swing of Things

So after a rainy, cold week and a very busy time at work I am finally back on the training wagon. I really only missed 2 workouts during a recovery week but left me feeling out of sorts. I also had to do my long ride on Monday and actually skipped my long run. Although I will be doing my long run today but again skipping my long run next week because of a race. It is very hard to set your schedule when working weekends and although I know it doesn't matter if my long rides/runs are not on the weekends it just doesn't feel right. But anway, my long ride went awesome yesterday. 56 miles on my time trial bike and I would guess that I spent at least 3/4's of the time in aero position. My legs felt strong and my nutrition was great. I did a fast-paced 15-minute T-run afterwards. I am trying to get my body used to a hard heart rate for this upcoming race on Sunday. My mission this week is to search our a great women's saddle for my tri bike. I made some small adjustments to my seat yesterday (or I should say, Luke made the adjustments) which did help but the seat is just crappy as it is.

I also am officially registered for the 3-mile Kingdom Swim on July 25th (www.kingdomswims.org) . I am also contemplating if I should race the Musselman 1/2 on July 19th. I did this 1/2 last year and it was great. The only 1/2 I will be racing this year is Tupper Lake at the end of June. I feel like it would be beneficial to get in 2 1/2s before IM but the dates are not what I ideally would want. I feel like I should have more time in between to rest and get in solid training time. I know races are great for you but it drives me nuts when I don't get in everything I designed in my training placed (OCD).

Today, nice 8-mile Stowe loop and weights.

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