Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Double Days are here again!

So the past month has involved me getting back into the flow and getting in the most basic of workouts fitted into my day. Accomplished! Now I am starting to hit the double workouts and I am loving it! I was worried at the beginning that I wouldn't have the same motivation as last year but it is all starting to improve as I get my fitness back.

I have hit the pool 3 days in a row this week because of a random weekday that I didn't have to work. And am squeezing in runs that aren't necessarily mandatory. But as I learned from last year, this is my weakness so I won't turn down an opportunity when I am itching to run. Yesterday I got out for an easy 25-miler ride on my NEW BIKE! It is basically the same bike that I was riding but a step up. So I am now on a Specialized Ruby Pro for my road bike. It fits great and the shifting is amazing. I have actually been able to notice that it is lighter!

Today marks my first brick 90-minute ride with a15-20 min. run. Should be interesting to see if it will be painful or not-so-bad. Happy happy happy!!!!!

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