Sunday, April 25, 2010

25% Complete

Today marks 1/4 way through of my 24 week training plan to IM Louisville! It has gone way too fast! It means that I will be racing another IM 18 weeks from today and I want to go faster that IM Wisconsin. is time to really buckle down.

If I were to be graded on my last 6 weeks I would give myself a C+. Yes, I got out of bed at 5 am 2-3x/week for Masters swimming and have been biking and running fairly consistently. But I still feel like I am trying to get in shape where my goal was to originally come into training in shape and ready to train hard. That didn't happen so I must accept it and move on to focusing on hitting all my key workouts and getting in the extras! Meaning I am going to try and hit those double days where my plan says I can leave them out if tired. This past weekend was a great, sunny weekend of training with a 2 1/2 hour ride and 8.5 mile run. I must get pictures of my new, favorite run. I would say over 75% of it is on nice dirt roads, trails and grass. It reminds me of my high school cross country running days. I also had to do a lot of firewood moving this weekend which makes cycling and running long seem easy. My shoulders are feeling it!

On another note, my first race of the season has changed. I will be heading down to PA in late May to participate in an Olympic tri with my dad. Should be lots of fun! Hope all of you out there are kicking butt in your training plans.

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