Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beautiful weekend!

Happy Easter everyone! What a beautiful weekend we are getting. Actually, the past 2 weeks have just been amazing and just what I need to give my booty a kick into gear. I definitely got kicked in gear and kinda went a little overboard. Nothing unusual for me as I tend to forget that I sat around all winter and shouldn't expect to ride 40 miles and not feel it. So although I gave my body some pain, I LOVED IT! Swimming has been awesome, masters 3x/week and am really starting to get my endurance back. Running is getting there, legs are still a little heavy from adding in the biking but my mindset is strong. Biking: oh how I love my bike! It is so hard to not bike long when the weather is beautiful but the training plan is calling for something else. I am up to 40 miles for my longest ride so far and next weekend will mark a 3-hour ride which I am hoping will feel a little easier now that I am getting consistency on the bike in training.

That's pretty much it for an update, fairly boring as I am not racing until June. Just loving life, good weather and training. Pics below are from the run/bike weekend fun. Oh, what exciting update: I have a new road bike so expect a post on that soon. I know nothing about it as Luke ordered it as a surprise and it is still sitting in the box at the shop. Can't wait to see it!

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