Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nothing beats CONSISTENCY!

At the end of the 1st two weeks of Ironman training and my training mantra this season is going to be consistency. Of course I have lots of fun, exciting workouts planned for my season but I want to focus specifically on consistency and getting the work done. Last year I let swimming slide once the season got started and just got the necessary running in. This season I want to work as hard at swimming as I do at the other sports AND push the running. This is what is going to get me to run the full marathon and not walk/run! The best part of consistency is just how disciplined you become once a routine is established. The 5am wake-up call is becoming automatic. It's been a great start to the weekend with a 90-minute run today and a 2-3 hour ride tomorrow. So happy the snow is gone!

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Kristin said...

When will my 5am become automatic??? I fear never, sigh. Consistency is good, keep working at it!